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Tips & Tricks for Renting Your Personal Home

October 26, 2011

I often get owners that decide to rent their personal home either through job change or kids are gone and they can downsize.  The following tips are important to consider: 1.  This is the only time I recommend that you hire a professional property manager for at least one year to manage the property.  The [...]

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When Things Go Awry – Have A Contingency Plan

July 28, 2010

Ok, we all know we should have contingency plans in the event of natural disasters.  In Santa Cruz we are in earthquake country.  We all know the Boy Scout Motto to “Be Prepared.” But, do you have a plan of action for when your phone lines go down, or your internet goes down, or your computer [...]

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Raving Fans – Book Review

April 28, 2010

I have read Raving Fans before – it is a quick read 1-2 hours max. I received the book as a thank you gift for helping with the CALNARPM conference so I decided to read it again. The theme of the book is how to provide Exceptional Customer Service. In our current economy, where businesses [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: Z

April 16, 2010

Well I am on Z and covered all topics related to Property Management through the alphabet and then some.  Hope you have found the topics timely and of interest.  Zero Sum Gain (break even), Zap Your Energy, Zombie, Zen, Zest for Life Zero-Sum-Gain – break even is at least where you want to be with [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: Y

April 14, 2010

Yearly Planning, Year-End Planning Yearly Planning – this should be done before the new year begins.  It should also be reviewed quarterly.  Again, this is your business, your investment.  What should be part of your yearly-planning?  Any turnovers coming up, what maintenance needs to be done this year?  Have a budget?  Taxes, Insurance, Mortgage, Utilities [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: R

March 22, 2010

Reserves, Roommates, Rental Rate, Red Flags, Relationship Reserves – this is very important for investors, and property owners. You never know when the roof will leak, the water heater will go out or some other unexpected maintenance item will pop up. I keep saying this again and again but you need to treat your rentals [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: O

March 12, 2010

Organization Even if you have only 1 rental you need to be organized and have a system that keeps all your records in order.  I have a binder and it has the following tabs: Summary – 1sheet with tenant contact info, rental amount, security deposit amount, recent maintenance done Lease – lease and application, credit [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: M

March 8, 2010

Management – Time, Money, Maintenance, Relationships Management – Time This is extremely important if you are going to manage your properties yourself. Prospects can gobble up and waste your time. The biggest tip I can give all of you is to make applicants, tenants fit your schedule. I don’t do open houses for showings – [...]

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