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Property Management from A-Z: X

April 12, 2010

Xerox and X-check Xerox – copy documents, keep copies of all communication whether on your computer or printed and put into the file. The main point here to document, document and document. Have a filing system for your documents so you can find what you are looking for later. Copies can always be sent to [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: S

March 24, 2010

Security Deposits, Screening Applicants, Showings, Systems Security Deposits – this is always tricky.  I was just speaking with someone yesterday that was having a problem with the parent of a student they rent to and I asked how much was the security deposit – there was none!  I also recently picked up a 4-plex to [...]

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Successful Landlording Cabrillo College Testimonials

March 14, 2010

Last Saturday I co-taught the Successful Landlording Class at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA.  This class is taught 2 times a year.  It is a class packed with basic info on How to be a Successful Landlord.  This class touches on the things one needs to know to stay within the law, get a great [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: L

February 26, 2010

Law, Lease & Listen Law – bottomline follow it. There avalide/http://pharmacy-online-24hour.com/lopressor-online.html/http://pharmacy-7days-canadian.com/ are lots of books out there and professional associations here are some links: California Apt Assoc. Become a member. This is a great organization. They regularly have classes on legal matters, Fair Housing Law, Leases and Addendums to download etc. www.caanet.org Institute for Real [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: J

February 22, 2010

Jaded, Job & Judge Jaded – I see long time property owners who get to a point where they are jaded about tenants and being a property manager. This ultimately comes about because they, the owners, don’t have procedures in place so every interaction with their tenants is a new and taxing experience. This is [...]

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Property Management from A-Z: F

February 3, 2010

The two topics today are Filing System & Fair Housing. To be organized and to be able to document everything associated with managing a rental you need a filing system and it doesn’t really matter what system you use – just have one. I will tell you what I have both personally and in my [...]

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